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I have now retired. Any stock left will be sold off in the next few weeks by me 01323 503336

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We have a choice of Five kits in this range with another three ready to follow.
Canadian Pusher Tug Kit - A Series 300 KitTMCanadian Pusher Tug Kit - A Series 300 KitTM
New 1:24 th Scale Kit Canadian Pusher TUG TM The Hull length is 300mm, the Hull width is 130mm The overall length is 320mm, the overall width is 155mm The overall height is 160mm.
6 To 12 Volt In-Line Pump6 To 12 Volt In-Line Pump
This IN-LINE PUMP is available as an alternative to the submersible pump that we offer. Input voltage can be between 6 and 12 volts.
Bilge Pump Controller TMBilge Pump Controller TM
This BILGE PUMP CONTROLLER TM unit when connected to a pump and a DC power source will sense if water seeps into the Model and will immediately switch on an attached pump sold seperately.
Flasher 1- FL1TM
The FLASHER 1 (FL1) TM may be used to flash up to 8 of 65mA lamps. The unit is able to flash a lamp(s) on/off or lamps side by side alternately on/off. Instructions and leads included. Adjustable Flash Rate!!!!
Flasher 2TMFlasher 2TM
With the addition of a 1.5 volt battery the FL2 will deliver pulses of over 2 volts to a LED to flash it brightly. And with a current drain of less than 0.5 mA it will continue to flash several weeks! Instructions and leads included.
Flasher 3TMFlasher 3TM
The specification of the FL3 is similar to FL1. The FL3 has in addition to the adjustable alternately flashing output, a fixed 'on' output. Instruction and leads included.
Flickering oil lamp SimulatorTMFlickering oil lamp SimulatorTM
Flickering oil lamp SimulatorTM With a 6 volt battery, a flickering light is produced, simulating an oil lamp of yesteryear. WHERE YOU WANT TO GET A FEELING OF NOSTALGIA !!
Grain of Rice bulb - 12 volt input voltage.Grain of Rice bulb - 12 volt input voltage.
These GRAIN OF RICE bulbs are VERY, VERY TINY !! BULB DIAMETER: 1.8 mm. BULB LENGTH: 5.8 mm. INPUT VOLTAGE: 12 volts ac or dc LEAD LENGTH: 125mm
Low Inertia Solar MotorTM
Precision Low Inertia Solar Motor ideal for low power applications such as Solar Cells and modules
Navigation Lighting SetTM
Pack of 5 bulbs containing 3 clear - 1 red - 1 green
Peanut Buttie Barge - A Series 300 KitTMPeanut Buttie Barge - A Series 300 KitTM
The basic Kit comes as a vac-formed hull and deck with a sheet of Styrene plus a paper template for the fixed Rudder. Plus building Instructions included will help you to make the 'Peanut Buttie Barge'
Radar Drive KitRadar Drive Kit
Drives your Radar Scanner at approx. 42 rpm from a single AA battery. The unit can also be used as a stand-alone winch by increasing the voltage input.
An American Troop Carrier (Hospital) Kit - A Series 300 KitTMAn American Troop Carrier (Hospital) Kit - A Series 300 KitTM
This new 1:48 th American Troop Carrier (Hospital) TM Kit with an additional 'Huey Hog' Helicoptor kit. That's two kits in one box!!
Box Battery 2 X AA with SwitchBox Battery 2 X AA with Switch
Enclosed Battery Box with Switch, AA Size Battery, 2 Cells, Wire Lead Terminal, ABS Resin Body, Enclosed AA Size Battery Boxes with Detachable Lids
Grain of Wheat Bulb each - COLOURED
The Grain of wheat are of a very high quality and of industry standard.
Grain of Wheat Bulbs pack of 5 - CLEAR
The Grain of wheat are of a very high quality and of industry standard.
M.P.G.M. Micro Planetary Geared Motor NEW PRODUCTM.P.G.M. Micro Planetary Geared Motor NEW PRODUCT
Micro Planetary Geared Motor. This tiny motor and gearbox can be used in many applications including Boat Radar, motors in Robots and Micro Boats
Miniture Working CompassMiniture Working Compass
Miniture Working Compass which is only 12mm in diameter! NEW VERY LOW PRICE
This DISPLACEMENT PUMP is perfectualy suited to install into your model to simulate the pulsing of spurting water coming from the engines coolant jacket. Input voltage can be between 6 and 12 volts.

Special Offers
Canadian Pusher Tug Kit - A Series 300 KitTM
Smoke Generator TM
Service Kit for the Smoke Generator TM
3 Amp Connector Block
An American Troop Carrier (Hospital) Kit - A Series 300 KitTM
Discrete Ultra Low Dropout B.E.C. 3amp x 5 volts
Discrete Ultra Low Dropout B.E.C. 5amp x 12 volts
Flasher 1- FL1TM
FU2 Blade Fuses
Hi-Fi Speaker
Miniture Working Compass
Mylar Cone Speaker 2 watt HQ
Self Adhesive Cable Clips Large
Self Adhesive Cable Clips Small
Speed Control/Servo Driver
SPST Miniture Toggle Switch

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